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Free Puppies to Good Home
Does Your Dog Fit Your Lifestyle

People nowadays have a rather full day doing errands, taking their kids to school and sports activities, and on and on the list goes. Adding a pet to the mix can and does present new challenges. Your dog being a pack animal with pack instincts needs his family, and now you are his family.

All dogs, young and old, get lonely when you leave him alone for a period of time. They do need 'quality time'. All dogs react in a different way to being alone - some get scared and look for ways to break free and find you. Some will cause some minor damage to your home as they look for a way out. You will need to train him out of this insecurity by leaving him alone for just short periods of time (minutes) as you go out of the house to a place where they can't see you directly. Slowly extend these alone times until your dog's insecurity slowly dissipates. And if you own a rather large dog the challenges may seem a bit more intense.

When you are purchasing a dog make sure that you think about how this will affect all the members in your family. At least initially, determine who will be home and when. Will anyone be home to make sure your puppy will feel secure. If, for example, you are gone for a much longer period of time than you are home, a puppy may not be for you, at least not at this time.

Find out which members in your family will contribute in the caring of your new puppy. A dog can get bored and even depressed when those they love spend no time with them. Make sure that someone is available to take your dog out for a stroll every day and that they get some of the play time that they need.

Also read up on the things that your dog may be interested in. Talk to breeders to learn about the characteristics that are particular to your breed of dog. Or you can easily go online and find many websites loaded with information you can use right away.

If you go to a shelter for a new dog find out all the details you can about them and even take them out on a leash to see how they react to you. Some owners turned them in because they were not able to train them. But in fact most dogs are trainable - most dogs will respond very favoarably to proper training. Hitting the dog is never a proper way to punish him for bad behavior. They won't remember what they did wrong and it will only confuse them.

And if you already have pets in your family you will need to make sure they get along. Never leave two pets alone where you don't know yet if they will get along.

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