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Finding the right puppy for you is no easy task! When scouring the internet it is worth your while to be as specific as possible. Do your research and know what you are getting into with different kinds of puppies - after all, every breed is different. And when looking for free puppies and dogs, if you specify the location you will usually get more pertinent results.

Choosing the Right Puppy For You - No Easy Task!

For many people, choosing a dog for their family is as simple as finding a cute puppy. In reality however, this method is looking for trouble and its the number one reason dogs end up in a shelter. Choosing the right puppy for your family is a systematic procedure and by following a few simple steps, you can get a puppy that's perfect for your lifestyle.

Dog Groups

If you want to select the right puppy, you should start by looking at the various dog groups. There are eight dog groups in total. You can narrow down the breeds that are suitable for you by looking at these groups. For example, the Sporting Group consists of retrievers, amongst others. Retrievers love to swim and are generally very athletic. By knowing this simple fact you can decide if a puppy from the sporting group is right for you. You have to ask yourself whether you are an active person who is willing to take the time to sufficiently exercise your dog so he or she doesn't become bored and destructive. If your answer is no, than a breed from another group maybe right for you.


Getting a puppy from a reputable breeder is very important when it comes to selecting a puppy. Sure, they maybe a bit more expensive then a puppy found in some random classified ad, but in the long run you will avoid a handful of problems. Good breeders raise their dogs in a proper home and will breed healthy and mentally stable puppies. Unfortunately, many people purchase a dog from a backyard breeder, only to later find out that their puppy has a serious health issue that will cost thousands of dollars in vet and medication bills.

Choosing a puppy from a litter

Just like babies, each puppy in a litter will have a different personality. Some will be very hyper and others more mellow. These traits will give you an indication of future temperament of the puppy. For example, if a puppy is overly dominant or aggressive with the rest of the littermates, that puppy will usually be more difficult to train later on and may even try to be dominant over you as an adult. On the other hand, a shy pup may translate its shyness into aggression later on, especially with strangers.

Peter Madrid currently operates an exciting puppy dog website for all you need to know about preparing for a puppy. He invites you to visit Puppy Portal and learn how to choose the right puppy, choose the good breeder, feeding you dog and much more. Best of all, information is all free.

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